All artworks/Pictures are copyright 1997-2013, François Morel.

François Morel (1974) lives and works in Paris.

During the 90s, François Morel’s visual works took place mainly in urban spaces.

His propositions engage an analysis of power and of political and social behaviors represented by words and statements which appear within the city.

His methodology sustain the idea of resistance to the hegemony of mass culture and to the liberal economy all inscribed in an exagerated society of consumption.?The choice of the medium (posters, stickers, stencil plates, photography, video) is always linked to the context in which the work is inscribed.
Visual documentation of these productions become dated traces which allow a temporal movement.

The work is thought in a perpetual displacement which takes in consideration the potential of information and interpretation.

Forms created by words and by images are refering both to political reality and to inner poetic ; they allow to present and memory to meet.?Both sides of the work do not stand in an opposition but in a moving space where sounds or a phrases, words told or written, carry an important reflexive autonomy.
Since 2000, he produces a body of works which is linked even more precisely to the notion of memory, to traces and archives.

Those are visible in projects as Memor_eyes or Inventaire#01.

His last works thought for exhibition spaces, are critical and also intimate:

“Penser le chaos comme une mise en forme nécessaire”, Grand Palais, La Force de L’art, 2006

“Qui n’a pas souffert ignore le bonheur”, La Centrifugeuse, Pau, 2007

“Notre immobilisme renforce leur pouvoir”, 2007

“Super Héros (Série Les parloirs)”, 2007

“Sans Titre, novembre 2005“, 2007 at Galerie du jour – Agnès B).

The artist uses pictures and movie excerpts from the news and/or the cinema with the particularity of showing human gestures which represent for him a kind of struggle.

This struggle is heightened by the choice of a loop editing and these short sequences are presented together, in the same space, to build conversations and new stories.